There are several reasons this happens:

  1. Hot water that remains on your skin and hair continues to warm the body after a shower.
  2. The steam from the hot water not only raises the humidity and temperature of the bathroom, but that of your body, as well.
  3. Rubbing your skin dry with a towel causes friction which warms the body.
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We know it sounds kinda crazy, but those simple things really do cause post-shower sweating! And check this out, chicks… you are even more likely to have post-shower sweat if you shower right after a tough match or workout, as both of these activities increase body temperature – A LOT.

No doubt, you’re wondering if there is any way to prevent, or at least lessen the sweating… Well, wonder no more!

Tried and true tips that really work:

  • Wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before showering after your match or workout. This will help lower your body temperature, which will decrease perspiration.
  • Once you’ve washed your body, gradually start lowering the water temperature to cool your body down (it takes about 10 seconds for the body to adjust to the new temperature). Continue lowering the temperature in 10-second increments to lower your body temperature.
  • Wash your hair and face with cooler water as well. That way, hot water isn’t left on the scalp and hair, which can heat the head.
  • Pat your body dry with your towel, rather than rubbing it dry.
  • Lastly, keep your bathroom as well-ventilated as possible, and leave the bathroom as soon as you’re done showering. Get dressed in your bedroom where there is no warming humidity to trigger sweat.
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That’s it, tennis chicks! Give these tips a try, and say “bye-bye!” to that annoying post-shower sweat!