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Tennis Players, Find Your Balance With This 30-Minute Bodyweight Barre Workout

As Tennis Chick Magazine editors, we independently select and write about stuff


Here’s an Easy 9-Minute Tennis Specific Workout for Tennis Players That Also Enhances Footwork!

This one is for all players AND coaches! Recreational players need to

Jane Forman Jane Forman

Ace This 10-Minute Standing Arm Circuit for Stronger Arms and Core Without Weights (Video)

A stronger core and arms mean more power and better control, and


Hit Your Exercise Mat With The Perfect Playlist For Your Cooldown

There's no better time to improve your flexibility and chill out than

Jen Campbell Jen Campbell

Essentials of a Tennis Strength-Training Program

It's no secret that tennis is a physically demanding sport. When you

Dana Schultz Dana Schultz

Tennis-Specific Conditioning to Improve Your Movement and Your Game

The great tennis professionals have mastered the art of quickness, endurance, and

Dana Schultz Dana Schultz
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